"Although a quartet, The M-Tet emulates a much bigger sound. With a studied, slow burn, the organ-forward instrumental group tackles original compositions that are funky, soulful, and jazzy in a uniquely West Coast style."
- East Bay Express (11/2017)

"Joe Baer Magnant makes his guitar walk the virtuosity walk with understated fluency. An uplifting musical experience."
- Blues Bunny Reviews (03/2016)

"These cats know what is up, and do it their own way. This record will be played for years to come by DJs, it’s that good."
- DJ Prestige (02/2019)

“Oaktown's The M-Tet continues to push the boundaries on how utterly funky a group of cats with musical instruments can be... cementing their already well-established position as high kings of soul jazz."
- 45 Live (03/2019)

"These guys have found a very special space of their own – which they occupy beautifully. A really strong sense of tone that takes us back to the important Gary Burton albums on RCA. Magnant's guitar opens with these wonderful harmonic lines as they allow the songs to unfold with both soul and grace."
- Dusty Groove (05/2016)

"They are authentic with their music and have become a force to be reckoned with... keep an eye on this crew."
- Flea Market Funk (01/2017)

“People love the old-school so much, they make new music that sounds like the old-school. Yes! They just wanna blow your mind with some old-school funk! How ‘bout that?!”
-Ricky Vincent (of KPFA's “History Of Funk”)

"The M-Tet does a great job of doing it and making it sound good. [They're] in their own lane with creating original compositions in an era where so many things are remakes or just going for a popular sound."
- Hot Peas And Butta (03/2015)

"With a music industry where we are forced to listen to mindless dribble everywhere we turn, it’s great to hear fresh sounds. Full of soul sugar, these fly dudes lay down some soul jazz that’s good for your soul."
- Heavy Soul Brutha Music