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The Guitarist’s Palette

Designed as a complete method, a study philosophy, a practice log, and an encyclopedia, The Guitarist’s Palette explores the seven diatonic modes and their relationship to the fretboard. Using a four-step practice method, you'll be guided by a simple single-string major scale through seven six-string scale forms and advanced superimpositions. Rather than focusing on visual representations alone, ear training-based exercises teach the relationships between scales, chord tones, and tensions.

“It is important to remember that The Guitarist’s Palette contains knowledge that you can apply to music in general, rather than specific dialects of particular genres. Because of this universality, there are no style-specific lessons. Instead, the book thoroughly maps out the different tones (or colors) on the fretboard in a harmonic context. These approaches can then be modified using melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic ideas. This method could be utilized just as effectively by a speed metal shredder, a harmonically daring jazz improviser, or a note-efficient folky.” - Page 10

Guitarists using the book should already be familiar with modes, intervals, basic chords, and seventh chords. The Guitarist’s Palette can be used as a self-teaching guide or as a method book for instructors.